Soft Water for a better way of life

Introducing Scale and Scum - the two terrors.............

In hard water areas, including Poole and Bournemouth, Dorset (which are clasified as VERY hard water areas), Scale and Scum come into your home because of the hardness minerals in your water supply. Scale coats the inside of your pipework with a hard, heatproof layer that makes your heating system burn more fuel, and Scum kills the bubbles in your bath and makes you use extra washing powder. On this web site you will learn more about the havoc these two terrors cause and how to banish them from your home forever. 

The Hard Facts

  • Hard water delivers lime-scale right at the heart of your plumbing system
  • Scale blocks pipes, furs up boilers, affects the functioning of appliances
  • Scum takes the bubble out of your bath water and leaves a sticky, dull residue on your hair, skin and clothes
  • Rinsed crockery and glassware looks streaky, baths and sinks look smeary
  • Towels and nappies may feel stiff and rough after washing

    Introduce the Dualflo water softener to your hard water system and you'll have a constant stream of beautiful, softened water that brings immediate benefits – all round the house.

Going Soft

  • Immediate savings on heating energy
  • Cuts down on repair, replacement and maintenance of pipes and appliances
  • Puts the sparkle back into baths, sinks, showers, crockery and glassware
  • No more blocked shower heads, scum rings in the bath or furred kettles
  • Acts as a natural conditioner on fibres as well as your own hair and skin
  • Gives rich lather from very little soap, and crystal clear water for rinsing
  • Saves on washing machine and dishwasher chemicals
    You can even retain a supply of hard water for drinking if you prefer, as we can provide a tap to your sink as part of our installation.

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Just think of how much you'll save by having a modern water softener in your kitchen. From bars of soap to plumber's bills... the savings start from day one, and go on and on and on. You can recoup the initial outlay after around 4 years.

Softened water descales old cylinders too - You don't have to replace existing hot water cylinders and plumbing. Softened water will descale your pipes and dissolve away all existing scale.

Reduced maintenance costs - Washing machines, dishwashers, boilers, hot water cylinders, showers, kettles, irons, coffee makers.... every appliance which uses water is more efficient and lasts longer.

You can take a softener anywhere - The latest softeners are plumbed in very easily. If you move home it's no more difficult to take it with you than a washing machine or dishwasher.

So, If you’re looking for a water softener, you’ve come to the right place, because everything you need to know is here on this website somewhere.

But really, there are only two things you need to know. First, there are two types of water softener: single cylinder and twin cylinder - and twin cylinder is better than single cylinder. That’s the first thing. And, second, there are only two companies that manufacture twin cylinder softeners - and the Dualflo  is the best one.

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Poole Plumbing Services supply and install Water Softeners across the entire BH post  code area including:

Springbourne, Boscombe
BH2 Central Bournemouth
BH3 Talbot Woods, Winton
BH4 Westbourne, Branksome Woods
BH5 Boscombe, Pokesdown
BH6 Southbourne, Tuckton, Wick
BH7 Littledown, Iford
BH8 Malmesbury Park, Charminster, Queens Park, Strouden Park, Townsend
BH9 Winton, Moordown, Throop, Muscliff
BH10 Kinson, Northbourne, Redhill, Ensbury Park, Wallisdown

Kinson, Bear Cross, West Howe, Wallisdown
BH12 Branksome, Alderney, Parkstone, Newtown
BH13 Canford Cliffs, Sandbanks, Branksome Park
BH14 Lower Parkstone, Lilliput, Penn Hill
BH15 Poole Town Centre, Hamworthy, Oakdale
BH16 Upton, Turlin Moor, Lytchett Minster, Lychett Matravers
BH17 Canford Heath, Creekmoor
BH18 Broadstone

Surrounding Areas
Swanage; BH20 Wareham; BH21 Wimborne; BH22 Ferndown; BH23 Christchurch; BH24 Ringwood; BH25 New Milton; BH31 Verwood

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