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Hard Water Softeners

Hard Water Softeners in the real world are ion exchange water softeners that exchange sodium for calcium during the ion exchange water softener process.

For hard water softeners to work they need to be regularly topped up with salt, either as tablet salt or as block salt. The old-fashioned hard water softeners used to have a time clock controlled system but they then began to use meter-controlled systems after Kinetico Inc. in America introduced the non-electric water softener duplex water softening system.

Current Hard Water Softeners
Modern day Hard Water Softeners such as the Dualflo Water Softener incorporate a non-electric twin cylinder system which requires almost no user maintenance other than the occasional topping up with block salt.

To find out which Hard Water Softener is best for your home or indeed anything about Hard Water Softeners then contact us and we will arrange for a demonstrator to explain to you why the Dualflo Water Softener is the best Hard Water Softener available.

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