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No Salt Water Softeners

No Salt, No Softening

In my book there is no such thing as a no salt water softener. No salt water softeners are based on loose claims at best and many plumbing professionals agree that the only time they tend to see them is when removing them to replace them with a normal water softening unit.

How do They Work?

All that a no salt water softener does is purport to change the ionic structure of the dissolved calcium in the water such that it does not form scale. It does not actually remove anything from the water chemically speaking.


Up until a few years ago only an ion exchange water softener such as a Dualflo Softener or a Permutit Water Softener would even attract the name water softener. During the ‘80’s the introduction of so called physical, electronic, magnetic water treatment devices such as Scale Watcher and Water King changed the market as they used to advertise them as a no salt water softener.

Legal Ruling

The issue was taken to the Advertising Standards Agency but our industry, being led at the time by British Water, failed to prevent the Water King device claiming itself to be a no salt water softener.

Industry Opinion

Although most of the ion exchange water softener manufacturers disagreed with this ruling, nothing has been done about it. There are still a number of no salt water softeners out there that claim their product softens water without using salt.

Our Experience

There is no British Standard for no salt water softeners. Nor is there a performance standard to which they can be tested. We as a company frequently remove no salt water softeners as an every day occurrence and replace them with a proper ion exchange water softener.